About Me

Having finished his nine year stint playing comedy-acoustic under the alias of Rage Against Genital Herpes, James finished vocal rehabilitation following tearing his vocal cords and decided he wanted to go in a different direction. His last show as Rage Against Genital Herpes was a sellout show supporting Professor Elemental who incidentally made the introduction for James’ debut EP. This new start has taken him along a much more serious path in which he has buried himself in activism and philanthropy through his music.

His debut EP, The Lost & Forgotten, extraordinarily sold out of the first run of physical copies on the day before it’s official release. Donating all royalties made from his music to mental health (MIND) and refugee related causes (War Child, Help Refugees as well as personally delivering supplies and helping out around refugee camps), James is currently working on new ways of raising awareness and funds for causes close to his heart through his musical escapades. His work has seen him interviewed and playing live on the BBC, as well as various interviews on national, regional and community radio stations as well as in newspapers and online articles.